Video 2: Crash Course in Geometry Proofs

(63 minutes; 177 slides)

Short Synopsis of Video 2

Geometry proofs are the gateway to learning logic proofs. Mr. Emerson has an astonishing record of success teaching 100% of the students in his geometry classes to do proofs correctly within one week, starting from the first day of class. Video 2 teaches geometry proofs in this same way.

Long Synopsis of Video 2

Video Two teaches geometry proofs by Mr. Emerson's highly effective method, but without student interaction. This means viewers will learn how proofs are structured and why they work, but are not expected to learn to write their own proofs (which would require two-way interaction).

Video Two covers points, line segments, angles, triangles, five rules of geometry: Definition of Midpoint, Definition of Perpendicular, Definition of Congruent Triangles, Side-Side-Side (SSS), Side-Angle-Side (SAS), and three rules of logic: Substitution of Equals, Reflexivity of Equals and Repetition. Explains how to put ticks on a diagram.

Teaches proofs in a three-step process: ticks, think, write. Proofs in both geometry (this Video) and logic (Videos 3-8) are done in four columns: Line Number, Statement, From and By. Stars are used to indicate when a part of one triangle has been proven equal to a part of another triangle. Two example proofs are done, one is eight lines long, the other is fourteen lines long. As the example proofs are being taught, the various rules pop up when needed on the screen, and it is carefully explained how everything beautifully weaves together.

Video Two can stand on its own, independent of the God Proof and the other videos. It is a MUST SEE for high school geometry students, as well as for teachers who teach geometry.