Video 1: Introduction and Overview

(63 minutes; 177 slides)

Short Synopsis of Video 1

Explains what we are doing (and not doing), and how the nine videos all fit together. Puts the nine hours required to watch them in perspective. Describes what we will prove, to wit: there exists a unique, self-causing, omnipotent phenomenon. Teaches the concept of uniqueness. Informally defines God. Teaches what a formal mathematical theory is. Gives glimpses of what will happen in Videos 2-9.

Long Synopsis of Video 1

Explains what we will and won't do in the nine videos, including that we will use pure mathematics, and that we won't take any leap of faith or rely on any religious scripture. Explains how the nine videos all fit together, putting the nine hours required to watch them into perspective. Describes the God-like qualities we will prove (self-causation, omnipotence and uniqueness), and lists other qualities not covered in the proof (e.g. love, answering prayer, etc.). Explains that our proof is unrelated to the ontological argument and, in fact, is superior to that argument.

Teaches the concept of uniqueness and use of the word "the" to define unique things. As an example, gives a demonstration of the measurement of the number pi, and then informally defines pi using "the." Then informally defines God as follows: "God = THE thing that is self-causing and omnipotent."

Teaches what a formal mathematical theory is, including its three inputs (logic system, undefined terms, and axioms) and three outputs (definitions, theorems and calculation system). Gives a glimpse of Videos 2-5 (teaching the Predicate Logic needed to understand our proof that God exists). Explains the historical leap (1879-1910) to absolute rigor that revolutionized mathematics by the introduction of Predicate Logic.

Introduces our Formal Mathematical Theory of Phenomena and Causation by giving a glimpse at Videos 6 and 7 (our undefined terms, our definitions and our axioms) and Video 8 (our proof that God exists, including a flash glance at the proof). Explains that this is a work in progress, that the nine Videos present Version 1 of G Theory, and that both Versions 1 and 2 are explained in our Technical Papers.

Gives a glimpse of Video 9 (the consequences of the G Proof).