Rigorous Math Proof That God Exists!

Using First-Order Predicate Logic and Five Axioms That No Scientist Can Reasonably Deny. The G Proof is taught in nine one-hour videos by Mark Laurence Donald Emerson. There is NO religion whatsoever involved in the proof — it is pure mathematics.

Video 1: Introduction and Overview (63 minutes; 177 slides)

Short Synopsis of Video 1: Explains what we are doing (and not doing), and how the nine videos all fit together. Puts the nine hours required to watch them in perspective. Describes what we will prove, to wit: there exists a unique, self-causing, omnipotent phenomenon. Teaches the concept of uniqueness. Informally defines God. Teaches what a formal mathematical theory is. Gives glimpses of what will happen in Videos 2-9. (View Long Synopsis of Video 1.)

Mr. Emerson is a first-rate math teacher. In the nine one-hour Videos he will TEACH you:

  • How Predicate Logic is used to write precise statements and formal, rigorous proofs. Higher mathematics rests on the bedrock of First Order Predicate Logic.

  • Five statements (called Axioms), written with precision in Predicate Logic, that say things about phenomena and causation that are obviously true and are difficult for scientists to reasonably deny.

  • The G Proof — how the Axioms and Predicate Logic are used to rigorously prove a phenomenon exists that:

      1. creates itself — i.e. it causes itself,

      2. is omnipotent — i.e. it causes everything else, and

      3. is unique — i.e. it is the one and only such phenomenon.

    Such a phenomenon can only be what is commonly known as "God."

  • How The G Proof impacts science, atheism, religion, psychotherapy, public education, law and government. The G Proof provides a mathematically-based New Cosmology for understanding science. And since God is now proven to exist as a matter of pure mathematics (without relying in any way on any religion or church), God can no longer be excluded from public education on the basis of separation of church and state. For more details on the consequences of The G Proof, see the Long Synopsis of Video 9.

Here is a map showing all Nine Videos.

This Map is used throughout the Videos. Watch it cycle through the many different color combinations that appear in the Nine Videos to show where we are, where we've been, and we're going. Yellow means not done yet. Pink is where we are. Cyan (bright, light blue) means done. Purple points to future or past material. Click on the Map inside the rectangle for any Video. Note the equation in Video 9, which formally defines "God."


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